New! Webinar: LET Fundamentals Class 1. & 2. “Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments for Lymphatic Detoxification. Available August 2019. The perfect way to learn once you have acquired your LET Instrument from the Arcturus Star Co.

With online training, you save travel expenses and time. If you want a live experience, our Skype trainers are available to assist. Next, attend our Master Class events for a more in-depth learning experience and community and sharing. Note: LET units come with basic DVDs and an in-depth manual. The webinar provides in-depth training for professionals and health conscious people who will be offering treatments.

Training Offerings

Webinar: LET Fundamentals Class 1. & 2. “Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments for Lymphatic Detoxification.”

 Includes:  6.5 hours of video instruction, Manual & Workbook, PowerPoint Notes, Supplementary Documents, Qualification for Master Classes.

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Master Class Events: “Lymphatic Enhancement Technology™ Methods & Advanced Techniques and Special Guests”

This is a 2- Day Event, 16 hours of instruction. Prerequisite: Online Webinar LET Fundamentals Class or Equivalent previous classes. Click here for class synopsis and locations. Click here.

Other Training Options

On-Site Custom Classes at your Clinic or Hospital:

The LET Fundamentals Class that is held at your location can be tailored to your clinic’s professional focus. Please call for a quote. Click here for the document with requirements for the location set-up and other provisions we need to provide a successful learning experience.

Skype Training for the Lymphatic Enhancement Instruments:

Available in 4 – hour increments. Please call for a quote. 2 person’s maximum attendance at Skype. Click here for more: link

For our Live Events, upon registration you will receive travel and lodging information, the training manuals for advanced study when applicable, and all other information.

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