Lymphatic Enhancement Seminar – Advanced Module No. 1

Methods & Techniques for the LET Lymphatic Therapy Modality and the PHIT Modalities”

Discover New and Proven Concepts for Optimizing LET Treatment 

This is a Two- Day event with Instruction for 1 ½ days plus a half-day Round Table and questions and answers session with our team of experts. This class provides lectures, group observation of therapy techniques, and limited individual table time. It is focused on providing new information, at a fast pace. It is not intended as a review of each student’s LET Therapy Techniques but to impart reviews of important concepts and to share new discoveries and concepts for therapy with experienced therapists. We invite you to join us for an “Enlightening” Event.

Prerequisite: Any prior LET Training or Arcturus Star Training, Level 1 Class

PRESENTERS: Alicia Anzaldi, LET Instructor and Lori Sweet, CEO & Special Guests