Holistic Practitioners

Arcturus Star has provided therapy solutions to holistic practitioners for over 24 years. We innovated the Lymphstar Line to meet the needs of the growing field of holistic health professions.

Today we offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of our customers, with 3 Lymphstar Models that provide the same LET technology, with varied features and price points. We invite you to explore the choices for your therapeutic needs and budget. And check out our other supportive products for your practice!

Lymphstar Line- Lymphatic Enhancement Technology – LET Is used by all types of professionals for body detoxification, as pain modality, pain and swelling with new or old injuries and surgeries, edema and lymphedema, relaxation therapy for mental clearing, for chronic health issues such as fatigue syndromes. Massage therapists love the Lymphstar for how it can expand the range of their practice and spas can offer this as an adjunct to body size reduction and facial treatments.

Lymphstar Pro Fusion® LET Unit

Lymphstar Pro FusionMost popular choice with PHIT Modality Options from Arcturus. This is our advanced model that can work beyond the LET modality and add in photonic, pulsed magnetic, low level laser/ photonic and resonance modalities as needed. Options most chosen: Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head and Crystal LymphWaves. 20% discount for 2 or more PHIT with Unit purchase.

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Lymphstar Pro® LET Unit

Lymphstar ProThis is a Lymphatic Therapy Unit alone and does not support the PHIT Modalities. However, with the Lymph Therapy heads, called LET heads, you can replace broken bulbs and use our other optional bulbs for specific work on things such as scar tissue, bruising, facial problems and with trigger points and reflexology techniques. You can add a spare standard bulb so it on hand when one is broken. Recommended add-ons are the Tri-bulb Set for the therapy heads. One spare Standard Bulb is recommended. You can add the PHIT modalities later with the PHIT Modality Instrument.

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Lymphstar Essence® LET Unit

Lymphstar Essence Popular starter model for entry into LET Lymphatic Therapy. It has the same frequency range and power of the Lymphstar Pro, but within 3 settings, not 10. Comes with non-replaceable bulb heads called Standard heads. For professional use, we recommend the upgrade to the LET heads. This will give you the best value over the years as the bulbs can wear and break. And you can add in the optional bulbs for more versatility.

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The PHIT Modality Unit

PHIT Modality Instrument This system is a driver for the PHIT Modalities only. It is not a lymph unit. But it is a way to acquire the PHIT modalities for those with a Lymphstar Pro or Lymphstar Essence when it is economical. It comes with 2 PHIT heads of choice other than the Crystal LymphWaves. It can be configured with the Crystal – please ask for pricing.

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In addition, some therapists want to work with physicians and other health professionals and thus choose the FDA cleared Aria LET System. Please read more about this on the Medical and Rehabilitation Page.

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