Arcturus Star innovated Lymphatic Enhancement Technology – LET to meet the needs of the integrative medical/rehabilitation complimentary health professions and explore its merits there and beyond. Today, we have the FDA cleared Aria LET Instrument available for our medical clients. It has proven to be excellent for rehabilitation after breast surgery, orthopedic surgeries, chronic pain, lymphedema, and in naturopathic and integrative practices as general detoxification and pain therapy. The Aria LET System has been welcomed into hospital lymphedema departments, military pain clinics and other pain practices.


The Aria LET System

Aria LET System

Call for our package choices. Listed are 3 package options or you can customize any for your needs. Please call to speak with a specialist who can assist you with your selections.

Please Email or call us for to set up a time to evaluate your needs.

Package A:

Aria LET System with On-Site Training in your clinic in the US.

Package B:

Aria LET System: System without training included.

Package C:

The System without included on-site training, but with the full complement of PHIT Modality Heads.
Customized packages available, too.

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