The Flat head bulb of the LET (Lymphatic Enhanced Technology) by Arcturus Star Products is a wonderful asset to MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) when trying to break up radiation fibrosis.

The patient was a 61 year old female who was in great physical health prior to her diagnosis of breast cancer. She was diagnosed with L Breast Cancer in 1/2014 and had completed her cancer intervention including the removal of the sentinel node, breast reconstruction and radiation by the end of 10/2014. In July of 2015 she began to notice changes in the girth of her L chest. She was referred to lymphedema therapy in December of 2015. She had pitting edema in her shoulder/clavicle region. Her bra strap left an indentation in her L shoulder that was not present on the right. The L clavicle was no longer visible due the increased swelling. Her L breast began to over flow from her bra cup along the superior and lateral borders of the bra. There was a clear asymmetrical appearance of the L and R breast tissue even into the neck region that was visible through loose clothing. She was also reporting increased discomfort associated with long arm reaching patterns in her upper chest that would radiate into the L posterior shoulder and scapula region.

She had the following soft tissue integrity changes: L Breast tissue was fibrotic along the inferior border where there was a visual dark brown coloration change due to radiation. Puffy/Pitting edema noted inferior and superior to the left clavicle. There was a small edema pocket noted in the L lateral trunk from the axilla to the bra line. Due to the increased lymphedema in the L upper quadrant she had poor soft tissue mobility in the chest wall, with no soft tissue mobility along the inferior breast in the area of the radiation fibrosis.

The patient presented with good active range of motion in her L upper extremity, however she had a pulling sensation with shoulder flexion/abduction in conjunction with elbow extension. Good overall upper extremity strength and endurance was noted.

Treatment consisted of MLD while integrating LET focusing on the flat head in the area of fibrosis. Each session began with clearing the terminus, thoracic and abdominal regions. While preforming manual lymphatic drainage strokes with one hand, the LET with only the flat head was used for 10 minutes to provide a stronger vibrational intensity for breaking up the fibrotic tissue. Then the 2nd LET bulb, the standard bulb, was introduced and placed at various drainage sites, the cisterni chyli, axilla/pectoral’s axillary nodes, and the parasternal nodes as the flat head was used across the fibrotic tissue of the inferior breast. By placing the standard bulb at key lymph stimulation points and simultaneously preforming manual lymphatic drainage a deeper stimulation of flow was being achieved within the lymphatic system to flush the toxins. Anastomosis to the L inguinal nodes was then completed to drain the lymphatic fluid and toxins from the breakdown of the fibrosis, out of the L quadrant.

Soft tissue changes with increase mobility to the inferior breast were noted after the first session. Pt. had a 30% girth reduction in 3 sessions. By the 4th session pt. was pain free with all functional movement patterns. The radiation fibrosis had broken up and the pt. was no longer showing signs of fluid retention in the L breast /upper chest region in 9 sessions. The dark brown discoloration at the inferior breast line was considerably lighter. Her home program consisted of cross friction massage to the fibrotic tissue, self manual lymphatic drainage to the L quadrant and wearing a foam pad over the L breast to assist with compression/decongestion.

The patient had improvements in all area, decreased fluid, improved physical appearance noted by symmetrical breast shape, and increased upper extremity comfort with all functional reaching patterns. She is pain free and has improved coloring in her anterior chest wall. Most importantly to her she looked “normal” in her clothes! The pt. has been successful with ongoing home management by performing her self- manual drainage on a daily bases.

I sincerely believe that the LET was an essential tool in releasing the radiation adhesions. The strong radiation fibrosis was preventing the flow of the lymphatic tissue in the breast region. Due to the stagnation of the breast fluid she started to have a pooling of fluid in her neck and under her armpit that was traveling into the posterior shoulder.

I have been an Occupational Therapist for 25 years and have been practicing as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist for the last 10 years. Complete Decongestive Therapy has not changed in the past several years for those who suffer with lymphedema. Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) is a beautiful addition to the world of lymphedema and lymphatic treatment.

– Lori Buckley, OTR/L CLT


Since the age of 18 I’ve dealt with a variety of medical issues, ranging from annoying to very serious. These have included:

    • Chronic low back pain and fatigue, with pain on a scale of 5-7 regularly, and as high as 9-10
    • Painful intercourse
    • Upper abdominal pain (hurting to the touch)
    • Sciatica that made it impossible to walk more than a few feet at a time
    • Brain fog and odd dizziness that prevented focus and ability to get things done
    • Occasional migraines
    • Heartburn so painful it caused dizziness
    • Lower abdominal tenderness that that became so severe it required an ER visit, where they did a CAT scan and diagnosed
    • Viral enteritis
    • Bladder and rectum prolapse, which was corrected with surgery. Recovery was complicated by painful Pelvic floor muscle
    • Spasms that held the entire pelvic floor rigid.
    • Spasms in the upper abdomen that feel like something is hooked or herniate

For the past decade I’ve been actively trying to get better, only to see that list grow longer. Over the course of several years, I tried a chiropractor, massage, electrical stimulation, and traditional physical therapy. None of those avenues brought lasting relief, and I continued to feel worse.

I began working with a physical therapist who specialized in the Feldenkrais method which helped a bit, but still the list grew, and my issues were becoming more serious and were preventing me from fully functioning. With two young children and a full-time job, this was not sustainable.

When I encountered complications after my prolapse surgery, I was referred to a physical therapist who used visceral and neural manipulation, and finally I started to see progress. That therapist focused on identifying what was causing the list of maladies, rather than treating the list itself. But while I was seeing progress, my body was still slipping back into its painful patterns. After six months of therapy, the therapist questioned if there was something else going on with my system to keep the therapy from “sticking”. She thought it could be lymphatic congestion, and suggested trying lymphatic decongestive therapy.

And so I started doing lymphatic drainage treatments with Margo. It turned everything around. Immediately, I started to feel openness in all my joints, especially my hips and pelvis. They would pop and crack, and I would feel warm rushes along my legs. I also felt space open where I hadn’t known it was tight, like my sinuses, throat and jaw. The fogginess and fatigue went away, and I felt like myself. The lower back pain, tender abdomen and heartburn, all of it went away. And, intercourse was no longer painful!

I started doing those treatments almost two years ago. I saw Margo frequently during the first 6 weeks, but now only visit her every six months or so, when I start to feel the tightness and inflammation creeping back. I haven’t had one physical therapy or chiropractor appointment since my first lymph treatment. I had been going weekly, or twice a week at times, for 7 years prior.

– S.A., Santa Fe

The Lymphstar Pro can be used as a device for fluid management as it appears to improve circulation. This makes it a very versatile device within the many modalities of holistic health care.
Thomas Croley, Ph.D, an Emeritus Professor of Anatomy of Denton, TX, is our chief scientific advisor. He wrote the physiologic actions paper for us, and has studied our product for safety and efficicacy since 2003. The following is a summary from the physiological actions paper written by Thomas Croley, Ph.D.

  • The Lymphstar Pro is an electronic therapy device that provides a unique type of low energy field that we call Dynamically Pulsed Ionic Field Technology. This energy field is derived through th ionizing of noble gases within the flint glass bulbs (therapy heads) into a plasma field of energy. This field is created by using high voltage at extremely low amperage (micro amps). The energy is then pulsed at frequencies under 2,000 cycles per second. (sonic or audio range)
  • When the therapy heads make contact with the skin, a minute field of electrical energy is created. It is a pulsating field of static electric bursts at microamperes (millionths of an ampere). It also uses low frequencies but oscillates in randomly-pulsed dynamic cycles, our proprietary concept. Medical grade flint glass bulbs are moved around and/or left in place. There are absolutely no frequencies or energies that heat titessues of the body. (i.e., ultrasound therapy)
  • When applied, the extremely small (fine) sympathetic nerves in the outer wall of the blood vessels are stimulated to contract. This contraction squeezes the plasma fluid existing within the blood out of the vessel. Next, the plasma fluid is taken up by the parallel running lymph vessels, and the cells of the lymph nodes enter into the plasma within the vessel. Thereby, a whole lymph fluid (cells and fluid) has been formed to all the existing lymph, lymphatic vessels, and nodes. (As per T. Croley, Ph.D.)


There are 4 suggested contraindications given: pregnancy, blood clots, implanted medical devices with electronic circuits, and neoplastic conditions. Other appropriate precautions for its use are provided within the product literature.
Please note: Arcturus Star Products, LLP, takes no responsibility for claims for the use and applications of the Lymphstar Pro, other than those stated in company literature. These statements above are not intended to be used to prevent, cure, treat, or mitigate any disease or medical condition.

Lymphstar Pro® Testimonials

“I’m retired and live on a fixed income. And over the years I have found tremendous help as they removed 14 lymph nodes from my breast 24 years ago and so Dona Maria and your Lymphstar Pro gave me a longer, healthier life and kept me stable. I’ve been without this healing for three years now, since she retired, and note the difference in my health. I am looking into getting my own unit!”
-Pamela Friendly, Canada

“My client, Alesa, has found unexpected and great relief by receiving treatments using your Lymphstar Pro Fusion.  She is suggesting that you might want to reach out to the Toyos Eye Clinic in TN to share your machine.  The doctor there uses a machine that he helped invent, but she thinks your machine works way better and that he should know about it.  I understand from my eye doc in Santa Fe, that the TN clinic is the known expert in Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. She has told him about the much more effective relief she has received from the LET wands.
-Margo Covington, Practitioner, Santa Fe, NM

“I had another therapist use this device on my swollen ankles and it was amazing.  I work with pre and post-op clients, and I think this device would be great to have.”

“Over the past several years Carol D. RN has treated several of my patients with the Lymphstar Pro lymphatic drainage machine. In skilled hands this technology is a very helpful adjunct to the treatment of chronically ill patients seen in my practice. In fact, I feel it is the one of the best ways to remove the toxin aluminum from the body. Patients who are full of metals, mold toxins, environmental toxins and polymicrobial infections often have very sludge-like lymphatic fluid and hypercoagulation. Such patients benefit the most from Lymphstar Pro treatments, and I am confident in Carol’s knowledge and skill am happy to refer my patients to her.”
– Ann F Corson MD, Kennett Square, PA

“It’s great as a part of general detox programs. It’s a regulator of the autonomic nervous system so sympathetic-dominant people really benefit. It helps people feel cleaner, better and less stressed. We use it in management of edema secondary to surgery or radiation, but it’s also good for peripheral neuropathy and fatigue. We don’t see it as panacea, but it’s a lovely offering that’s not about giving pills.”
– Warren Ross, MD, Crossroads Medical, Maryland

“My LET Instrument is amazing at relieving my clients’ lymph congestion. The fact they can actually feel the release of the congested lymph fluid during and after their session, in addition to the relaxation they feel during their time with me. This has made them more positive, productive and ready to stay on top of one of their most important body systems. Your Lymphatic Therapy is literally a life-saver for many of them. I am using it for after injury, too.”
– Sherry Long, Ph.D. CH RT(R), Alamogordo, NM

“We have been quite impressed with individual results using the device in the treatment of lymphedema and in the prevention of lymphedema compared to conventional MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage).
– Beth Baughman DuPree MD, FACS, Medical Director Breast Health Program Holy Redeemer Hospital, Meadowbrook, PA

“I was interested to find ways to move fluid through the breast tissue, thinking it could help in preventing cancer. If you move the fluid out, you also move the hormones out. We have also seen good outcomes in women with painful fibrocystic breasts. They feel so much better after treatment, and the breasts are softer, smaller, and less cystic.”
– Nita Desai MD, East West Integrative Medicine, Louisville, CO

“The Lymphstar Pro allows the lymph system to be opened up to drain the toxins, excess ions, etc., better, faster. It emits a low level energy with optimal frequencies that allow for stimulation of the Autonomic Nerves without doing harm to the tissues of the body. Clients are immediately relaxed and their tissues begin releasing the toxins thereby cleaning their bodies of these harmful chemicals.”
– Thomas E. Croley, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Texas Women’s University and Scientific Investigator

“I have not found a better tool to move the deep lymphatics than the Lymphstar Pro. Why work the surface? Let’s go deep and get the job done!
– Cory Carter, N.D., Alt Med Ltd, Rapid City, SD

“I am using the Lymphstar Pro in my practice and highly recommend it because it is the fastest and most reliable instrument for the relief of lymph based disorders.”
– Allen Mills, Center for Lymphatic Health, Santa Barbara, CA

“I have had the privilege of working with the Lymphstar cleansing technique. This therapy is especially important during times when the body is dealing with infections, cancer, or after surgery. But I believe it is equally as important as a maintenance therapy for healthy individuals. I highly recommend integrating Lymphatic Cleansing into a holistic approach to healing and preventive health care.”
– Jackson L. Harvey, MD, Medical Director, Seattle, WA

“The course and the Lymphstar Pro Technology created a new foundation of understanding for me regarding the body and it’s capability to clear and heal. After 15 years of doing body work, including MLD, I finally feel as though I will be working in partnership with the body and not just on the body.”
– Linda Washington, LMT, Texas

“I have been an occupational therapist for 19 years and private practice rehabilitation clinic owner for the last 10 years. I have utilized the Lymphstar Pro device on orthopedic and lymphedema clients and have seen some of the following benefits: decrease in swelling and pain, increased range of motion and healing time.”
– Julie Carpenter, OTR, Cortez, CO

Individual results:

Lymphstar Love Testimony:
“I learned of the Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy provided by the Lymphstar Pro Fusion shortly after completing chemotherapy, radiation and having a bilateral mastectomy.  I knew my body needed help detoxing from the chemotherapy and the surgery it had just gone through and would need help in preparing for the next set of surgeries that were on the list for me. My body felt so much better with each session and my recovery time reduced- I went back to work after the DIEP FLAP 10-hour procedure, five-day hospital stay- just three weeks after the procedure. This amazing tool touched my life so much, that I now love to share the lymphatic love with others.”
– Macaley Davey, Texas – 2019

“I began to notice a difference in my health within about six treatments. I have had digestive and elimination problems for years and lymphatic treatment have definitely helped.” In October I broke my knee cap and the lymphatic treatments helped my swelling, pain, and healing…. I would recommend lymphatic therapy wholeheartedly.”
– Susie Thompson, Santa Barbara, CA

“My daughter had swollen lymph nodes under her arms after her first year away at college. I was concerned about her lifestyle affecting her health. When the Lymphstar arrived I got in 3 treatments before she went back to school. The nodes completely went away! I treat her every time she is home for prevention. I am so excited about this technology and use it on myself and many friends with great results.”
– Laura Passerelli, Brooklyn, NY

“In December of 2000 my wife was diagnosed with lymphedema in her left leg and lower abdomen; she was 52 years old and in otherwise good health. We were told that the lymphedema was caused by abdominal scar tissue from surgery she had 14 years ago, and that nothing could be done to alleviate the condition other than receiving lymphatic massage and wearing compression stockings. These methods were somewhat helpful, but very time consuming and inconvenient. Eventually, I was giving her lymphatic massage at home after our insurance coverage for that procedure ran out. I found an ad for the Lymphstar Pro in the magazine Alternative Medicine and decided to give this device a try. We were both very glad I did, because it was very easy to use and it helped the process tremendously! Using the Lymphstar Pro to loosen up the lymph made my efforts at lymphatic massage much more effective and in much less time! It really worked as advertised and we both highly recommend it for anyone with lymphedema. I was so pleased with the results of this device, I offered to write this testimonial with “no strings attached” in any way – I just wanted to let others know that this is a good product that may be able to help them as well.”
– Bob Beiswenger Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I use the Lymphstar Pro every day for about a half hour because I have a pretty bad case of Lymes disease. It really seems to help me, I was having some symptoms come back possibly from not using it since I shipped our other one out, and I felt much better after using it again. I’ve been using the Lymphstar for about 5 months now, but the last month or so I’ve been able to feel more of a difference after I use it, and I’m definitely improving now!”
– Nathan Stoltzfus

“As you know, after a c-section and double hernia surgery, I developed severe scarring in my lower abdominal area. The scarring formed a mass which caused blockage in my intestines. I received numerous pain injections which did not help. Then I went through countless physical therapy sessions which included ultrasound. This also provided no relief. Through time, the scarring got worse and I did not receive relief until I visited you. When the Lymphstar Pro is used to work on my abdominal area, I finally felt relief. The machine broke up the scar tissue enough that the blockage became relieved. After several treatments, I felt great relief from my pain and intestinal problems. Thank you for using the Lymph Star Pro which made this chronic situation more tolerable.”
– Beth, Durango, CO

“Since my first therapy session with the Lymphstar I have free of the cystic breast pain that had plagued me for years. My hope is that news of this program will spread and others will be spared unnecessary surgery.”
– E.W., MA, MFC, Santa Monica, CA

“I am so grateful to have found you and the healing power of the Lymphatic Therapy with the Lymphstar Pro. Following the therapy the pain disappeared and I was informed by my surgeon that the previously enlarged lymph node was no longer present and that neither a biopsy nor further visits were required.”
– R. B., Attorney, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I did a number of treatments during my 3-month sojourn in the U.S. I do believe that your healing was the most effective. My feet are doing great these days and I really feel the possibility that I will run again, perhaps on my injury’s anniversary this October. Thank you for your energy.”
– Colleen, Greece

Customer Testimonials from Some of Our Therapist’s Clients

“I have had two clients now with the shingles who have been helped very much with the Lymphstar therapy. One was resolved in about 4 days, and the nurse at her doctor’s office remarked that her recovery was very surprising to her. It appears to shorten the duration of the illness greatly, to the great relief of the sufferers!”
– Edwina Loughman, Encino, CA

“I had a client with Bursitis in his knee and it was twice the size of the other one. He was unable to bend that knee or get pants over it. He went to the hospital and they gave anti-inflammatories and 2 weeks off of work. He than called to see if there was anything I could do since he was concerned about missing 2 weeks or more of work and only light duties. I used the Lymphstar Pro on client. The next morning I received a call from the client wanting to know what I did to his knee because the Bursitis had gone! There was only slight swelling and he remarked “That’s Awesome!” He went to work that day and disregarded the light duties suggestion. The client rang two days later in a panic that his knee was black and blue. With another two treatments the clients symptoms were gone. The size, color, and flexibility were back to normal. This was one of my first clients I used the Lymphstar on. I had my doubts but it is in the using experience of what takes place with the Lymphstar Pro that has convinced me. I also would experience lower back pain after lifting heavy things. After a heavy days work I bathed and went to bed. On awaking I was unable to straighten due to lower back pain so I treated myself for a half hour and got out of bed still a little sore. As the day went on pain became less and less. Now after a days work I no longer experience back pain.” – Angelo Raffaele, Australia

“My name is Renee Schick and I own Renee’s Survivor Shop in Toledo, OH, I had Breast Cancer in 2001 at 36 years old and found out the hard way that there was such a need for everyone for a shop like mine so I opened up in 2003 when I was done with my treatments and surgeries. In 2006 I started having swelling in my right arm and my fingers. Since I sell compression products and I educate others on the precautions of developing Lymphedema I knew what I had. I did have 17 nodes removed and radiation. So…I started wearing a glove and sleeve. I had a gal stop in the shop last summer who started telling me about the Lymphstar Pro machine and what it can do for cancer survivors in many ways. I was very reluctant. I am a hard sell and I need to see with my own eyes!!! So, she asked if I would be open to having her do some treatments on me. I agreed and never went to the first appointment. She called and called and I agreed to give it a try. After the first treatment which was about an hour. I went home and drank lots of water as she suggested. I went to the restroom a lot so I knew something was going on. She then did two more treatments and I was able to stop wearing my compression garments. What she did was break all of the scar tissue up from my two surgeries! It was like a clogged drain being unclogged! I was good for a bout 2-3 months and then I started swelling again. I went back for one treatment in September and I got my own machine after that. I now work with the gal who came in my shop. We go and talk to doctors every Monday about the machine and I do now sell it to others. We have many people in our area who have had Manual Lymph Drainage done and seen improvements but have not been able to get away from the compression garments until they use the machine regularly. A couple of other benefits that I have experienced are: Loss of weight (with exercise and watching what I eat), and a smoother face!! I detox’s you, makes you feel more energetic. I even use it on my belly to work the scar tissue from my babies and hysterectomy. “
– Renee Schick, Toledo, Ohio

“I began having swelling of both legs within a few weeks of the last of 4 back surgeries in an 18-month period about 2 years ago. By November of 2013 both of my legs swelled to the point of “oozing” lymphatic fluid and fairly quickly went into cellulitis, open wounds, skin changes to an orange peel consistency (Type IV – ordinarily not reversible) scabbing and was extremely painful 24/7. Was treated at Mayo Clinic in MN (wound care, compression wraps, bandage changes, etc.) for several days while there, then advised to lose weight 3 or 4 pounds /month; exercise as could; NO salt diet; nightly use of c-pap and to continue protocol indefinitely – maybe forever. Diagnosis was lymphedema-bilateral/legs and torso-etiology unknown. My wife and friends assisted in helping me with treatment after coming back home and was helped by physical therapists in Santa Fe and Jonesboro AR with specialty in treating lymphedema, using wrappings and decongestive massage. Wounds cleared with aggressive treatment (frequent acetic acid soaks, gauze, etc. with antibiotics to treat the cellulitis over several months) and continued compression dressings (24/7) until about April or May of this year (2014) at which point I began using compression garments ( therapeutic 30-40 mg/?) for about 16 hours/day. Lymphoscintigram done at that time showed NO movement of lymphatic system-radioisotopes remained between my toes throughout the 2 ½ hour test. Normatec pneumatic boots were added to my protocol then, using them frequently and at least an hour in the morning and before bedtime to further keep swelling down. Lymphatic material continued to be built up and would move from my legs to my pelvis and around my torso in a lopsided pattern, but not leaving my body to any extent. I moved this stuff around for months. My legs remained painful and while there had been some improvement in my skin on both legs, skin remained rigid and orange peel like between my ankles and mid calf. I had followed instructions as to all aspects of recommended care, including diet, exercise, etc. On the recommendation of some folk in Santa Fe, my wife found Margo Covington who utilized the Lymphstar Pro device with specific attendant lymphatic decongestion therapy. Was impressed that others with similar conditions had been helped and decided to experience this process. I had 5 treatments on consecutive days in late June / early July 2014. The treatments were soothing and painless – even nurturing, and each day I felt my lymphatic clumps soften and eventually liquefy, for the first time in months. Utilizing a colon cleanser to expedite drainage, I experienced my lymphatic system began working again, with loss of mass over a period of a month or more and much improvement in my legs, both as relates to pain, skin changes, etc. They both actually look fairly normal now, except for some redness and minor skin changes. I continue to utilize the pneumatic pump/boots twice a day and wear support stockings during the day and continue my diet, exercise, etc. as before. At this point, I remain much improved and very grateful for the healing I have experienced. Margo’s treatment was the absolute right treatment at the right time for me. Treatment of lymphedema is a multi-faceted process, not a single deal. I will certainly utilize Margo’s therapy in the future if the lymphedema becomes further problematic/regresses.
 Thanks, Margo. Namaste’
– David Laser

“I feel like I just woke up from a two-year nap!”
– Jean Crawford, after one 90-minute session

“I have had chronic lower back/pelvic pain for 13 years that is now 95% resolved after only one session of lymphatic release work with M…. Very powerful work and the rest of my body is eagerly awaiting the same results! “I feel like a weight, literally has been lifted from my body. I have more energy and less aches and pains in my body. Emotionally this work has freed up old stored up feelings that are in a much more balanced state. I can access and then express my feelings much easier and my intuition is much stronger and I trust my gut feelings. A lot of the thickness I felt around my midsection and breasts as dramatically decreased. I don’t feel as bloated and my elimination process is much better.”
– Cathy Stark, Santa Fe

“I’m writing to thank you for changing my life over the past three months. In December 2010 I experienced the first of what was to be several debilitating episodes resulting from radiation treatment I had undergone in 2008. The symptoms included a sudden drop in blood sugar, fever, body aches, fatigue, swollen abdomen and pelvis, and then a hot, bright red rash which moved from one area to another, but always around the areas where radiation was administered. These episodes occurred about every two months, came on suddenly, and lasted for roughly a week. ‘…”The first time it happened I went to an urgent care facility, thinking it may have been a cellulitis. The practitioner there diagnosed it as shingles and sent me along with a prescription for acyclovir. I didn’t agree with her and never took the med. The second doctor I spoke with was the radiation oncologist who assured me the outbreaks could have nothing to do with the radiation treatments. The third doctor I consulted believed it was some form of viral outbreak. I always thought it was directly associated with the radiation treatments, that “toxins” had nowhere to go but out through the skin. We met in October 2012, M…, and after a brief description of my experience, I was introduced to your art of lymph clearing. During the treatments and for a few days afterward I can literally feel things moving, like pipes are opened and flowing from my head to my feet. Even after only two treatments I am now nearly four months symptom free. Thanks and Blessings.”
– Mary S.

“I was having an asthma attack when we started. In 30 minutes my symptoms were gone.”

I have lost 4” in my pants waist size! Your treatments are the only thing I’ve done differently. I love it!”

“Chemotherapy has given me so many tough side effects. Your treatments each week have greatly reduced many symptoms, including the acid reflux at night so I sleep better. And thanks for offering me a free treatment every time I send someone who purchases a series from you. That has really helped my finances.”

“I have been using the Lymphstar from Arcturus Star Products in my practice as a physical therapist since the inception of the Lymphstar. The primary benefit is reduction of inflammation via resorption into the lymph system. It makes it possible to do this without the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs that tend to be catabolic in action. I have found that lymphatic resorption of fluid and trapped proteins from an injury site and/or site of surgery assisted by the Lymphstar stimulates a much quicker and more normal healing response as fibroblasts form more normal connective tissue without adhesions or capsules of fibroblasts at the incision site. I have also used the Lymphstar as a performance-enhancing device as well as to reduce inflammation. “ – Physical Therapist, Santa Fe, NM

“A client recently received a manual lymphatic treatment from me for extraordinary blockage of the axillary nodes following extensive right shoulder repair surgery. The baseball size mass under her right arm was very dense, rigid, and painful to the touch. The left underarm was nearly the same size, somewhat more pliable, and not as sensitive. The manual lymph drainage brought the client little relief. It was our good fortune to have a Lymphstar Pro made available to us on a trial basis. The results were astonishing. After just one treatment, the mass under the right arm was half the size, and pliable to touch. The left side showed marked improvement as well. Subsequent treatments further ameliorated the symptoms bringing welcome relief, and support for a return to healthy lymph system function.”
– Claudia Clemens, LMT, High Desert Health, Cortez, CO


“I was called by a friend with a beautiful Morgan mare with founder. She had a very swollen and painful foreleg. The vet had given the owner little hope. I worked the Lymphstar on the upper leg and she relaxed with the pain relief. I did a 20 minute treatment on the leg and a little on the main lymph drainage area. Within the next days the hoof abscessed and drained itself and the vet was pleased, with only a cracked hoof to worry about. It did heal up completely and I only gave a few more short treatments. The owner credited my work with the healing.” – Linda Geisler, Massage Therapist, Cortez, CO

*The Lymphstar Pro is not intended as cure for any disease or medical condition. It is provided for personal or professional research on the effects of photonic, sound, and noble/cold gas ionization technology on living systems.
Medical units with FDA registration are available from ArcStar Med, a sister company. Please see Call 970.564.5811 or 888.730.1053 for more information.