PHIT Heads

“I have found the Eclipse head to be very effective in chronic ligamentous injuries and scar tissue that is stiff and painful.  Here are some examples:

  • woman in car wreck 12 yrs ago. Did years of PT. Unable to turn head while driving the car. Frequent migraines. Cervical spine was too bound up to adjust and manipulation caused migraines to flare up. Did structural work on spine and pelvis and cranial work. But, the Eclipse gave this woman the ability to turn her head easily and gave me the ability to perform cervical manipulation without causing migraines. Her migraine frequency has dropped to less than every 8 weeks.
  • Woman in horse wreck three yrs. ago. Did PT for three yrs. only able to get temporary relief with twice weekly treatments. Did spinal chiropractic work (applied kinesiology) and applied Eclipse head to muscles of low back and abdomen. Patient is mostly pain free and is seen every other month only as needed.
  • Eustachian tube inflammation due to inhaled allergies. OTC and Rx meds helped symptoms temporarily but did not help feeling of ears popping and difficult hearing. Adjusted patient. Did dietary supplements. Added Lymphstar and Eclipse treatments. Hearing improved. Feeling of “water in ear” improved. Patient still needed hearing aids.
  • Man, history of gunshot wound to knee 25 yrs ago. Had surgery @ time to remove fragments. Large scar. Knee pain was easily provoked and lasted for months. Treated by adjusting, muscle percussion and Eclipse over site of old wound. Pain was gone in 4-6 treatments.

What I am seeing is that chronic pain especially ligamentous type can be resolved quicker with less treatment by using this modality.
I hope to buy the magnetic head this year and see what happens!”
-Antoinette Nowakowski DC, DABCO

“I had a patient I was giving a lymph treatment to and she was feeling strong pressure in her chest.  I put the Eclipse Head on her chest & five minutes later the patient said the pressure was gone.  I see results with the Lymphstar Pro Fusion that’s why I love it!”
-Dona-Maria McCowan

“I just got oral surgery done and was in serious pain. I used the Crystal LymphWaves laser that I have and it dramatically reduced the pain and inflammation in less than 2 hours. It also reduced size of abdominal lymph nodes in a lady’s’ abdomen in about the same time.”

“For joint acute and chronic pain I am applying the magnesium ‘citrate cream’ to affected area then applying the eclipse followed by the crystal.  Two treatments in most cases pain greatly reduced or gone!! 
I have a client that has a very large dense area of scar tissue due to breast reduction surgery.  I was getting minimal reduction of the area holding the crystal above area as suggested.  I have began applying the crystal directly on the skin over the scar tissue and getting amazing reduction and softness after one treatment!  I just felt like holding above the area was only affecting the surface and I wanted to penetrate deeper.”

“Report on treatment of brown recluse spider bite:

The client had received a brown recluse spider bite on her thigh.  She took Deserrette Biologicals: Spider Bite (now Insect Bite).
The first picture was taken 2 days after the initial treatment when the bite was already improving.  The second picture was taken 12 days after the initial treatment with the client receiving a treatment every 2 days.
She took Deserrette Biologicals: Spider Bite (now Insect Bite). The hard area around the bite site was treated with Trauma Gel, and Pekana Itiris ointment and Zellulisan.  These were driven in with the Lymphstar and Gem Galaxy instruments.  They were not placed directly on the necrotic area. The Deserette Biologicals Spider Bite was dropped directly onto the necrotic area.
The sessions began with the use of the Lymphstar.  The initial clock setting was at 1 o’clock to see how the client would respond to that setting.  After the initial session, the clock dial was set to full.  The numerical dial through each session was moved from 6 to 3 to 0 to 6 to end.
The session would begin with the Lymphstar use to open the Cisterna Cilie.  At all times there was one head placed on the bitten leg’s inguinal nodes while the other head was moving to open the cisterna cilie, moving around the bite area and driving in the ointments for about 10 minutes.
For 20-30 minutes, the Gem Galaxy (Now called the Crystal LymphWave) probe head was used in the bite area to move in a pattern of counter-clockwise and clockwise movement for different amounts of time; for example, 15 counterclockwise circles followed with 15 clockwise, then 30/30 and then 60/60, but not rigidly. Additionally, the head was aimed directly into the core of the bite area. (The Gem Galaxy probe head is used above and not touching the body.)
The session finished with 7 minutes of Lymphstar with the same setting pattern as at the beginning ending on 6.  During the treatment itself it was possible to see redness decrease.  There was a small amount of drainage out of the area during the concluding portion of the Lymphstar use from the second session onward.”
-Shelly Hancock, ND, Bear Creek Health Care, Cortez, Colorado


Issue: Very Painful Rotator Cuff:  The pain from the muscle was so bad that it needed to be operated on, it was quite unbearable.
What was done: Used the Cygnus outside the water, directly on my torn muscle (torn last September,2006) 30 minutes every evening before bed.
Over what length of time: 1 month
What additional therapies were involved: Did not use anything while I was using the Cygnus. Before the Cygnus, I used muscles strengtheners such as protein, enzymes to rebuild, muscle relaxers, nothing worked.
What was the response of the person: The pain is 95% gone and perhaps if I would get back into the routine of using it, it may completely disappear.  Surgery was not necessary.
-Deb White, EDS Operator and Cygnus Owner


“I work at the computer all day long and after only an hour or so I notice that I feel sick and my nose gets runny.  I set up 2 peacemakers at my workspace and now I can work all day long.
Thanks for the help.”
-Anonymous, US


“I have a TREK and when there was a drastic weather change this fall, I tried it on my headache. I had pressure above my eyes, in my eyes, cheeks and the back of my head. So I placed the TREK head on each area for 1 – 3 minutes, moving it around to each painful area. The unit shuts off automatically after 4 minutes, I did 4 rounds of having to restart it and the pain was gone everywhere! I was lying down so I got up, because sometimes standing up brings it back. No issues. About 4 hours later, I had about 40% of the pain come back and did another short round. It was gone for the rest of day. I love the TREK!”
-Loretta A., Michigan

*The Lymphstar Pro is not intended as cure for any disease or medical condition. It is provided for personal or professional research on the effects of photonic, sound, and noble/cold gas ionization technology on living systems.
Medical units with FDA registration are available from ArcStar Med, a sister company. Please see Call 970.564.5811 or 888.730.1053 for more information.