The Fusion PHIT® Modality Heads for our “PHIT Compatible Systems” include the Lymphstar Pro Fusion, The Aria LET System, and the PHIT Modality Base Unit.
The PHIT Modality Heads are our exclusive technology designed to support and amplify the effectiveness of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology – LET. These can also be used as stand-alone treatments as well, for many applications. Some have been separate products at one time, driven by their own base unit. With the introduction of the Lymphstar Pro Fusion, they are now more affordable options to all the LET systems, and can be added as needed.
Please see the individual PHIT Modalities below for details. Enjoy the ability to clear more pain, congestion, symptoms and offer superior skincare with the PHIT modalities.

What is the P.H.I.T. Technology?
PHIT, or Photo-Harmonic Induction Technology®, is our exclusive innovation for delivering a unique spectrum of energy vibrations. Each PHIT Head incorporates a therapeutic modality along with specifically engineered circuits. This method of frequency modulation goes far beyond simple wave forms and frequencies. The PHIT is added to light, magnetic fields and resonance technology and sound frequency modalities.
These modalities provide a cascading spectrum of light, sound, magnetic fields sound, light and magnetism augmented with harmonics, other, complex subtle energy fields. PHIT gives you a unique edge for healing.