Aria LET Elite


Aria LET Instrument Basic System. Includes 2 LET Therapy Heads, One Tri-Bulb Set, 1 Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head, Manual, DVDs, accessory bag.


Developed over two decades of research in electronic therapies, LET is supported by practitioners from all sectors of the health industry. The therapy’s success at optimizing lymphatic drainage is supported by academic study & clinical trials for lymphedema, post breast cancer treatments, and more in the US and abroad.

The Arcturus Star Co. has evolved a superior therapeutic instrument, with a proprietary circuit design, multiple applicators, optional modality upgrades and researched therapeutic techniques offered in our training program.

The enthusiasm of our clients and their patients offers confidence to integrative practitioners that this is the finest approach available today for improving lymphatic circulation and drainage for many applications.

LET Modality Lymphatic Enhancement

  • Ultra-Blue Noble Gas formula with optimal noble gases mixture for field generation. Intensity Dial regulates field strength.
  • Pulse-rate frequency sets frequency variability rate at specific numbers with 1,000 settings. Adjusts the settings for Decongestive or Stimulatory applications outlined per the product User’s Guide and training.
  • Low frequency pulses in the sonic range are dynamically pulsed (SP/DWP proprietary process)
  • 2-LET Bulb Set Applicators with standard bulb, Replaceable and Washable medical grade bulbs. Includes Tri-Bulb Set – Three extra Bulbs – one Standard Bulb, one Acupoint Bulb, and one Flat Bulb. 10-foot cords.

For more information read our Aria LET Elite document here.