Online Fundamental Class – Certification


Certification Test for LET Fundamentals Class 1 and 2
This open book test will go over the basics covered in the Online LET Fundamentals course covered in video instruction as well as the accompanying Class Manual. The only prerequisite for the certification is that you have taken our online Fundamentals Class 1 and 2 course.


This test follows the videos in the class by section. The answers are in the content of the videos, but they may also be part of the class manual and other class documents. Please review these materials before taking the test.


You can watch the videos again to assist you with the answers. Also, have your manual and other documents handy as well. The test includes all multiple-choice questions and a short essay of under 500 words that that is not graded but will gives us more information about you and your expectations for LET Therapy. We appreciate your competing this portion of the test so that we may serve you, and all of our customers, better


The Test Fee and certification is $150.00.  It includes 3 more passwords for reviewing the class videos, grading of the test, and a call to report your grade, and the Class Certificate that will be mailed to you. We ask that you take no more than 3 weeks to complete your test. If you ask for more passwords and time, there may be an additional fee assessed.


You will be notified of your grade within 4 business days of completion. We thank you for your participation in the LET training Program and wish you the best in your work.


  • Fee: $150.00
  • Time to Complete the Test for Certification: 3 weeks
  • Response in 4 business days.
  • Allow 2 weeks to receive your certificate by mail.