Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Modality Head


The Eclipse offers a unique combination of technologies derived from the electro-magnetic spectrum.


This is the most popular and essential of the PHIT Modality Heads for LET therapy. The Eclipse offers a unique combination of technologies derived from the electro-magnetic spectrum. Photonic Therapy is the next revolution in the holistic health and beauty fields. In addition, High Frequencies with Harmonics have been used in health applications in many different forms. Our PHIT system for pulsing frequencies uses 3 different high frequencies with high harmonics. These are extremely low energy in the RF range. Living systems can tune into these and utilize beneficial harmonics automatically.

By leaving it in areas that have been prepared with the Lymphstar, you can treat problems where edema is visible, scar tissue areas, over organs, etc. that need attention for 5 – 15 minutes. Think of it as a hammer, able to push out what needs clearing. The client will feel a sense of calm and wellbeing, and you will be able to make more progress in one session.

The result can be pain relief, increased healing, and improving overall functioning. This can mean help for occasional and chronic suffering from over-activity, illness, injury, stress and chronic health conditions. Fibrocystic breast problems respond extremely well to the Crystal LymphWaves. New surgeries, injuries, aggressive facial procedures, liposuction are also highly recommended for positive benefits with this unique modality.

Quote: “This multi-chromatic light modality is a multi-tasking piece head that reaches well beyond just the lymph system and the immediate area worked.  The specific light frequencies help to reduce congestion and discomfort in the tissue and joint spaces, as well as balancing hormone production throughout the body. The high frequency antennae used in the Eclipse help to accelerate its work, making the use of the Lymphstar modality much more efficient.”


  • The Eclipse Head uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in the red, blue, and near infrared range for a broad band of coverage from the light spectrum.
  • And, in addition to the lights, it emits 4 specific high frequencies. These do not emit audible sounds, but they are “heard” at the cellular level, bringing them into balance! These frequencies work along with the light waves to provide more frequency “information” to the cells.
  • And, finally, a unique, hi-intensity cluster of red LEDs creates a powerful field of monochromatic light used for applying directly into the local area being treated. This red wavelength is also known for its effectiveness on the skin and subdermal tissues. The near infrared LEDs increase circulation and pain relief.

Specs: LIGHT = 24 diode red LED cluster, 650 -660 nm; 6 Blue LEDs at 430nm, 6 near infrared LEDs at 940nm.