Online Fundamental Class


Webinar: LET Fundamentals Class 1. & 2. “Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments for Lymphatic Detoxification.”


What is Included

  • 6.5 hours of online instruction with video links provided. Password Expires. Not for Sharing.
  • Subject Outline of each video.
  • The Class Manual and Workbook to print/save.
  • PowerPoint Notes Taking Sheets to print/save.
  • Study Materials that supplement the videos (Appendix in Manual). Print/save.
  • Future Supplemental video material, as it becomes available, at nominal charge.
  • Invitation to the Master Class events after Completion.
  • Printed Version: A Printed Manual and Workbook, plus PowerPoint Notes, etc. are available for mailing to you for an extra fee. Please call our office about this.

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