PHIT Modality Instrument


Stand alone box for PHIT heads only – Includes 2 Modality Heads other than Crystal LymphWaves.  Add $2,400.00 for Crystal LymphWaves System.


This is not a Lymphstar / LET unit.  It is a stand-alone product for use with the PHIT Modality Heads. It performs just like the second half of the Lymphstar Pro Fusion and Aria LET Systems that both can host the PHIT modalities. A collection of 4 modalities are available in one convenient system, according to your needs. Applications include: Advancing lymph drainage work in the tissues, post procedure-surgical healing with magnetic fields, low level laser acupuncture with intense phototherapy for scars and fibrotic conditions and skin (Crystal LymphWaves), pain conditions, infrared light and low frequency for enhancing transdermal creams, cosmeceuticals, herbal and more. You can tailor the product to your individual needs and expand as your practice allows.

Outstanding flexibility with a choice of mix-and-match modalities, all at economical pricing. Quickly change modalities, use 2 of the same or 2 different therapies at once, or sequentially. Then change the modality heads in seconds for more applications. Its versatility is unique in our industry