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Beware of Unauthorized Training Online Under Our Co-Opted Domain Name! 

We are the ONLY approved provider for training seminars for our line of Lymphatic Enhancement™ Technology Instruments (LET). We developed and manufacture the Lymphatic Enhancement™ devices.

Consider any other programs you see online with these facts in mind.

Our Company Authorized Training Has:

Reputation:We are a privately-owned, US corporation that has been developing and manufacturing the Lymphstar Line of products for over 24 years. We are registered with the FDA and hold registered trademarks with US Patent and Trademark Office. Our Authorized Training is on our website, See our legal brands below.

Insurability: We have the only trainers backed by business liability insurance coverage.

Accountability: There is no oversite as to what outsiders teach. We create classes in collaboration with university professors, medical and integrative practitioners and certified electronics engineers. An advisory board of these professionals is in place; new programs under development. If you complain, someone will rely.

Legality: We own our brands; others take what is not theirs, as in “Cybersquatting is generally defined as the registering, sale or use of a domain name containing a trademark that the registrant doesn’t have the rights to with the intent to profit from the goodwill of the mark.”

It is illegal! ***

Technology: Newest technology, research, and discoveries are only available at our classes and opportunities to experience the latest innovations.

Integrity: The promotion of other products (lymph devices), supplements, gadgets, etc. is prohibited at our classes. Our Instructors give you their full attention.

Safety: We understand our own products at the deepest level. We liability insure our trainers for your safety.

Community: Hold collaborative symposiums with therapy leaders; belong to local Chambers of Commerce, Bioscience Associations, and Inventor’s Networks. We are a US-based company with facilities in Colorado and Michigan.

Value: Product discounts, gifts, coupons at our classes.

Buyer Beware. The credibility, practices, safety, insurability, accountability, legality and integrity of independents are yours to determine.

Only the Finest Therapy Instruments from the World of Arcturus Star, an Industry Leader

Our brands include: Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET)™, LET Training Institute LLC™, Lymphatic Enhancement™, all registered as companies and trade names with the State of Colorado. Lymphstar Pro® US Patent and Trademark Since 2007 covering Lymphstar Pro Fusion®, Lymphstar Essence® and Aria LET System.®

Note: There are two sales representatives that sell our products, train their customers and open their classes to others online. They are not under our Seminar program but have always been respectful of our intellectual property: Cory Carter and Allen Mills/Center for Lymphatic Heath.

Please call if you have questions about the above.

Our popular brands include the Lymphstar Pro® and Lymphstar Pro Fusion® and the Aria LET System™. We are proud to be the exclusive developers and manufacturers of these highly prized therapy systems for over 20 years.

Please Note: There are no other vendors approved to provide training for our LET products and that meet the standards of our corporate charter and assure the backing of our liability insurers.

Here you will find our complete list of options and opportunities to learn how to use the LET Therapy instruments. The program is outlined below with links to the various class details, special events, premiers, registration and contacting us for more assistance. We are here to answer your questions and take your registrations. Online registration for our events is now available if preferred. (use purchase ticket option on the Dates page)

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you with our Enlightened Products and Services. Lori Malec Sweet CEO


Program Offerings for 2019 Include:


1.     LET Fundamentals Class: “Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments for Lymphatic Detoxification.” 16 hours of instruction at scheduled dates and locations. Click here for class synopsis. Click here.

2.     “Lymphatic Enhancement Seminar – Advanced Module No. 1. Methods & Techniques for the LET Lymphatic Therapy Modality and the PHIT Modalities.” 16 hours, review and Q & A. hours instruction. Prerequisite: LET Fundamentals Class or Equivalent. Click here for class synopsis. Click here.

3.     Events with Classes and Focused Workshops: Available at the Fall Symposium for Lymphatic Enhancement Technology Instruments, September 2019. Offered by The Arcturus Star Training Events at The Muskegon Innovation Hub at Grand Valley State University, 200 Viridian Dr, Muskegon, Michigan 49440. Details coming soon!

Locations: Current Class Locations are Palm Harbor, Florida, Cortez, Colorado, Morris, Illinois, Muskegon, Michigan, Hawthorne, New York. More Locations are under development. Sign up for our email notifications.

Other Options

1.     On-Site Custom Classes at your Clinic or Hospital: The LET Fundamentals Class that is held at your location can be tailored to your clinic’s professional focus. Please call for a quote. Click here for the document with requirements for the location set-up and other provisions we need to provide a successful learning experience.

2.     Skype Training for the Lymphstar Line®: Aria LET System® and the PHIT Modality™ Heads: Available in 4 – hour increments. Please call for a quote. 2 person’s maximum attendance at Skype. Email: link

Upon registration, you will receive travel and lodging information, the training manuals for study and other information. Sign up for our email list and watch your inbox for the latest news on our programs! To Contact Link

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to serving you!

Arcturus Training Seminars CEO, Seminar Director

The Arcturus Star Company Staff and Instructors.