“Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments

for Lymphatic Detoxification”

Once you have completed the Fundamentals Class, Part 1. and Part 2. you qualify to take this series of other videos.

Advanced Treatment Videos – 1.75 Hours

  • Video – AT1. Lymphedema Treatment with LET Wands and Other Modalities
  • Video – AT3. LET and PHIT Modalities

These Classes are offered as training in the use of our products only. The Lymphstar Line and Aria LET Line of Therapy Instruments are the exclusive inventions of, and are developed and manufactured by, the Arcturus Star Products Company in Colorado and Michigan, USA. Our brands are Lymphstar Pro®, Lymphstar Pro Fusion®, Lymphstar Essence™, and the Aria Elite LET System.

Priced $150.00 USD

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Arcturus Star Company


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