“The course and the Lymphstar Pro technology created a new foundation of understanding for me regarding the body and it’s capability to clear and heal. After 15 years to doing body work, including MLD, I finally feel as though I will be working in partnership with the body and not just on the body.”
Linda Washington, Texas

“Great materials. Organized presentation. It works! A wonderful technique. Thanks for all the hard work you each put into this course! I feel it was money well spent and the group of people was wonderful.”
– Audrey Koerber, North Carolina

“I so appreciate Lori’s enthusiasm…and her integration of her varied expertise – including adult learning and course design as well as “intention”, “spirit”, “emotion,”…especially as they directly related back to lymph and the Lymphstar Pro.”
– Margo Covington, New Mexico

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the class. Now that my brain has had a chance to absorb the info I am all fired up to use the protocol. My plan is to focus on marketing my LET to some of the holistic doctors here.”
– Cindylu Lichtenhahn, Colorado

“As a certified lymphedema physical therapist working with breast cancer patients, the course has me incorporating these skills into my practice. I feel that complimenting the use of the LET Lymphstar unit could also improve the results from my treatments. I am excited and look forward to more success.”
– Marcy McCaw BPE, BScPT, CLT, Pennsylvania

“Very, very well done, amazing experience, learned so much.”
– Nan Nathenson, Respiratory Therapy Education Coordinator, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

“Hands on technique are imperative in teaching therapists. The course was well thought out, with organized material and excellent teaching.”
– Julie Carpenter, OTR, Cortez, Colorado