Mastering the Science of Detoxification
at the Cellular Level

Therapy Systems for Holistic and Integrative Health, Rehabilitation, and Aesthetics

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Creators of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology – LET
Enlightened Therapy Instruments
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For 25 years, our exceptional Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) products have been embraced by the full spectrum of complimentary health professionals, the integrative medical communities, rehabilitation professionals, top skincare specialists and private health seekers worldwide.

Our innovations offer the most effective modalities for addressing tissue congestion. This proven technology amplifies the body’s ability to release trapped proteins and fluid, a process that affects most of the body’s functions. Lymphatic Enhancement Technology offers relief and treatment for many health challenges and provides opportunities to extend your success within your practice specialty.

We invite you to explore our website and discover why Arcturus Star is valued as a company that you can trust, with innovations backed by scientific study and decades of enthusiastic customers worldwide. Visit our Company page to learn more. We look forward to serving you.

All equipment designed and manufactured in Colorado and Michigan.